Why is KYC Verification Important?

Sidekick uses KYC verification to validate the identity of its users to reduce the risks that could compromise the security and integrity of the app’s ecosystem. Users are not required to participate, and Sidekick will not be holding any users’ private information to maximize privacy and security.

What is KYC?

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification refers to the verification of a person’s identity via their photographic submission of a government issued national ID or passport. Though there are several procedures by which this can be accomplished, the results should always lead to the same assurance that the person is in fact who they claim to be.

Less thorough, yet more common, verification systems you may already be quite familiar with include procedures like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). These ask the user to submit a local phone number or email address. Then, the user receives either an SMS message with a verification code or an email with a verification link.

These are, of course, less reliable because the user could have several phone numbers or email addresses that they use for these verifications that are not directly linked to them. Though not entirely sufficient, these procedures do make it more difficult for scammers to create multiple accounts on a platform.

How is Sidekick Doing It?

In order to successfully prevent scammers from disturbing the safety and integrity of the ecosystem, Sidekick has decided to include an optional verification system which will protect everyone.

After a user registers and activates their Sidekick account, they’ll have the option to pass through our KYC process. It simply requires the user submits their national ID or passport to our third-party partner, without leaving the application.

Our partner will then use a strong Artificial Intelligence model to scan the ID and run it through their database of real and fake IDs for the same country, to prove whether or not it’s real. Within 1 minute, they’ll send a report to Sidekick so we can approve or deny your verification request.

What About the KYC and My Personal Privacy?

What makes this system exemplary is that users will not be doxxing themselves to Sidekick or other Sidekick users, but merely to an A.I. operated database run by security professionals.

Sidekick will only see the results of the scan made by the Artificial Intelligence. This is to ensure no data is stored on its servers.

After approval, all verified users will receive a Verified User Badge next to their name.

Some applications add a badge over their avatar, but that can be easily faked. With this badge, all other users will instantly know that this user has officially verified their identity, which in turn can provide higher social trust.

Why Would I Want a Verified User Badge?

Verified users will have a host of benefits, such as preventing non-verified users from contacting them directly. By having public knowledge of which users are genuine, Businesses and Influencers can opt to communicate exclusively with these users.

Accordingly, all users can choose to limit their interactions to people whom everyone knows to be real. This way, we can prevent fake profiles from entering our group discussions and minimize the risk of them scamming us or trying to sell us fake goods, services, or worse.

What if I Don’t Want to Verify?

Whether or not a user chooses to verify their identity, they’ll always have the choice of what information they wish to disclose on their profiles and what each user can see. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, users who complete the verification process will enjoy numerous additional benefits, including:

  • Verified User Badge – having a KYC badge displayed on their profile, next to their name.
  • Private Groups – Being able to create their own groups exclusively for verified users to join.
  • Verified User Friend Requests – Choosing to allow requests only from other verified users.
  • Lifted Restrictions – No restrictions on transaction limits.
  • Listing and Selling items – Selling items in the SideKick Marketplace
  • Posting Job Listings – Recruiters can find new talent.
  • Applying for Jobs – Users can find new opportunities.
  • Posting Questions and Polls – Asking/answering questions for the community.

Moving Forward

In addition to these benefits, Sidekick will continue to add new unique features to the platform over time. More and more benefits will ensue for verified users to incentivize all its users to complete their KYC verification process.

In this way, Sidekick hopes to create an environment where users from all around the world can communicate and interact in a secure and private manner.

The vision is to provide a reliable platform that limits risks while maximizing opportunities for all users. Thus, paving the way for all existing and future platforms to adopt the same standard of quality and always keep the user as the highest priority.

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