Who is Sidekick for?

Sidekick is designed to assist individuals, businesses, educators, and influencers. The Sidekick use-cases are diverse and suit the needs of all our community by listening to the features and applications that they require most.

Value for All Users

Sidekick prioritizes efficiency in order to put people first. Our team has spent the last year observing all the existing platforms that intersect, and come to understand what they do well, what they fail at, and what is lacking which we can provide to users. This is what led us to develop a comprehensive and simple solution.

Who Uses the Sidekick Platform?

Sidekick’s social commerce platform is designed to value users who create, consume, and share content, and to empower users who wish to expand their sphere of influence. All of the modules are designed with re-usability to deliver maximum value to these four key groups of people:


Individuals are the most valuable users to the ecosystem. This is because without them businesses, educators, and influencers have no audience to engage with. These users are anyone who simply wants to communicate, interact, listen, learn and/or follow others.

This doesn’t preclude individual users from doing side businesses or freelancing. In fact, we hope to encourage them to stand up and generate value for the ecosystem and to monetize themselves.

The Heart of the Community

Individuals are the ones who will evolve. They’ll create new businesses, educate others, and possibly become influencers. Individuals inevitably communicate one-on-one or join groups related to topics they’re passionate about, giving them the chance to exchange ideas and meet interesting people.

From these interactions, they’ll break off into private conversations that become thriving relationships, no matter how many time zones separate them. Individuals can be anyone they choose to be. However, this can also be a double-edged sword.

To protect our users, we built security measures into Sidekick to assure everyone is comfortable knowing that whom they speak to is legitimate and real. As well, they can enjoy the platform knowing their data is private, safe, and secure.

Individuals may also want to join groups where people are buying and selling items. As such, they’ll have access to the open marketplace where anyone can sell freely to other interested users. Perhaps they want to begin monetizing by starting up a side business, or they might just want to make some extra money by selling a few used items.

They may want to attend a local event and wish to purchase tickets prior to attending. Most importantly, through these marketplaces, individuals can communicate, trade goods and services, and make and receive payments all in one place, through Sidekick.


Users’ needs are constantly changing, so businesses are under pressure to transform and adapt, often faster than they can handle. Despite having access to a vast number of platforms, adoption has been relatively limited to platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

A Comprehensive Solution

Unfortunately, these platforms offer businesses and customers a limited set of features, often leaving more to be desired. Businesses demand a more comprehensive and inclusive method of interacting with their verified customers, one that caters to everything from shopping, to online payments, comprehensive customer support, and constructive feedback.

Another challenge they face is expanding into new markets. Traditionally, companies would have to create an infrastructure for handling foreign currencies. With the implementation of blockchain-based assets and digital currencies, this no longer poses a threat to emerging businesses.

An Opportunity for Globalization

Sidekick’s multi-currency wallet alleviates banking and translocation costs which currently hinder global expansion. This provides a prime opportunity for businesses to expand in a cost-effective manner, while allowing our users all over the world to transact with one another, thus making global expansion simple.

Businesses are always pressed to find more intuitive ways to identify and hire talent. By allowing businesses to post job listings, not only can they convert customers into potential employees, but other verified Sidekick users can find new job opportunities in an exciting way.

The features that are built into Sidekick will enable businesses to have a more interactive dynamic. They’ll evolve the relationship with their customers, transcending the capacity of any messaging platform while building loyalty through multiple key points; from support to payments to learning what their customers want in real time.


There are many people who create and distribute educational content in written or video format. The challenge for these creators is to interact directly with the people for whom they create the content, as well as manage sales and feedback. Sidekick has a vast roadmap of features specifically designed for helping educators manage their daily careers.

Building a Career

Some educators will choose to form a large free-to-join community. The same educators may also want to create multiple sub-communities that are pay-to-join, where premium content will be disbursed to paying students.

These students can simply open the sub-community link, read the description and see the reasons for why they should join the group. Once decided, they can pay instantly and then immediately added into the group, all without needing to speak directly with the educator or an assistant.

Educators can choose a one-time fee to join, or a monthly subscription fee to remain in the group. Inside these groups, educators can disseminate content, foster discussions around the content, and elicit feedback from students.

In the future, educators will also be able to run live webinars in their groups. They can utilize our Events area to plan and promote new online webinars and attract new students to their communities.

Educators can even refer to our Q&A section to build an influence in their field of study by answering questions. In this way, they can manage everything within the Sidekick platform, rather than using additional third-party products.


Influencers require a variety of ways in which to engage their audiences. What makes them unique is their need to have a place where they can create, share, and control access to both public and private/exclusive content while also engaging their audiences in thoughtful discussions.

In addition, there’s a plethora of cryptocurrency influencers who are paid in a variety of cryptocurrencies. They must be able to engage with their sponsors and receive payments from them as well. They also need to monetize their own brands and receive payments for their content and work.

We recognize that trying to serve every need is quite difficult. As such, we have no intention of replacing the entirety of the vast number of systems influencers and content creators already use.

However, we can make their lives far easier by providing them a single place where they can do more in less time. Sidekick is offering a unique way for influencers to engage and interact with their followers/subscribers, sponsors, and exclusive content members.

Through Sidekick, influencers can streamline their processes so that they can focus more on content creation, and reduce the complexity of monetizing their work, all while focusing on increasing engagement with their audiences and continuing to provide the best quality service.

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