What is the Sidekick App – A Brief Look

Sidekick is a new encrypted messaging platform that doubles as a personal assistant. It brings together the features of messaging, payments, e-commerce, education, and social networking.

Technology Impacts On Jobs

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we interact with the world. As such, our tools have to reflect this change and assist us in keeping pace with these rapid changes.

Sidekick focuses on helping the average person make the most efficient use of their time and evolve in a constantly changing workspace.

Our evolution from a mostly analog existence to our current digital space happened so quickly that most people rarely stop to consider how amazing the changes actually are.

From centuries evolving tools and processes; from masonry, to metallurgy, to modern medicine, to worldwide communication, we’ve seamlessly snowballed into an arguably quasi-science fiction reality. Smartphones, for one, are an innovation that we’ve come to take for granted.

A Tech-Evolution

“We’re already cyborgs.” This sentiment is shared by people across the world, including tech-billionaire Elon Musk. Considering the amount of time the average human spends on their smartphone, it’s worth considering that these phones have become an extension of ourselves.

Whether it’s for messaging, making online purchases, answering emails, or simply browsing the news; most people spend hours on their phone each day. Though it’s clear that these leaps in technology are massive, most people never stop to consider the speed at which everything is actually changing.

This is why it’s so important that we step back and make sure we have the correct tools to help us stay updated. Ultimately, if we don’t keep up with the increasingly rapid changes in technology, we’ll be left behind.

An Automated Future

A 2017 study by the McKinsey Global Institute found that almost 50% of the activities people are paid to do globally could be automated. By 2030, 6 out of every 10 jobs could have hardware or software in place that can automate 30% of their work.

Meaning, a lot of jobs across most industries will suffer noticeable downsizing as less people are required to perform the same tasks.

The study also notes that between 50 and 90 million new jobs will be created for previously unpaid domestic work. Sectors like education, healthcare, technology, and other services will see a spike in the demand for new talent.

One of the most important points this study makes is that many of these people that suffer from job displacement will need to adapt to the changing workspace. Essentially, they’ll have to develop new in-demand skills that add value to the shifting market.

On a final note, the study reassures its readers that there will be enough jobs for everyone. However, many people will have to change sectors and learn new skills to keep up with these changes. Once again, for this reason, we must have the best tools to keep up.

What Can the Sidekick App Do?

Sidekick is a new platform that allows people to enjoy all of the existing features of modern platforms with an additional variety of new features they don’t offer.

Sidekick brings together messaging, payments, ecommerce, education, and social networking into a single platform, creating an all-in-one personal assistant.

An “Adaptation Assistant”

Sidekick is the ideal tool for anyone looking to build new skills, promote their products or services, grow their brand, connect with professionals around the world, or simply take advantage of any of these or countless other opportunities.

The Features:

  1. End-to-End Encrypted Messaging
  2. Secure and Private File Storage and Transfer
  3. Instant Peer-to-Peer On-Platform Payments
  4. Unique Cryptocurrency Wallets
  5. Coin Agnostic model which enables multi-currency payments, along with our native KAI credit for discounts and fee-free transactions
  6. Global Marketplace for Products and Services
  7. Promotional Platform for Businesses, Influencers, Educators, and Individuals
  8. A Social Commerce Economy – Rewarding Participation
  9. An Educational Platform to Promote the Learning of New Skills
  10. Community led Discussions and Q&A
  11. Central AI and Personalized AI services for Each User

Who Is Sidekick For?

These features are designed to aid the average person in their journey towards professional and personal growth. It’s not enough to be creating new technology each year. The technology must be catered towards the individual user.

As such, the platform provides both a complete personalized assistance, as well as, the ecosystem to apply it. In this way, it will aid people from all stretches of the globe.

A Universal and Digital Assistant:

  • Individuals – all users will be able to connect with like-minded individuals as well as participate on the platform and both give and receive value from other users.
  • Businesses – providing a platform for them to communicate directly with their customers and further promote their brand.
  • Influencers – similarly helping them connect with their audience and provide them with value on the platform.
  • Educators – both educators looking to promote their own content and courses and the ‘students’ looking to learn from their expertise.

These groups, and countless others, will be able to leverage the benefits of the platform to boost their own projects.

Rather than having to shuffle through different platforms and struggle to understand the individual features of each, they’ll have everything they need in one place.

A Positive Change

Sidekick’s goal, in this respect, is efficiency. As mentioned previously, these changes and those yet to come will continue to pose new challenges for all users, particularly those that aren’t as tech-savvy. It’s important to keep these users in mind.

As younger generations are born into a tech-centric world, previous generations will struggle to keep up. For this reason, providing a platform that’s easy to understand and brings together all of these features can prove to be invaluable for the evolving workforce.

People who were previously specialized in a field that may no longer have as many opportunities can use the educational side of the platform to build new skills.

These same users can then promote their skills on the platform to find new clients, while also connecting with other users that are also learning and wish to exchange tips or collaborate.

Human beings are social in nature. We work best in groups and in like-minded communities. As such, the growth and betterment of the entire community is what the platform is prepared for.

The ideal tool for a changing workforce, and a personal assistant to every person, Sidekick.


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