Websites Where You Can Buy Goods with Bitcoin & Crypto

Online websites are allowing you to buy goods with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here we provide a sneak peak of some of the places where you can do that right now.

The invention of Bitcoin paved the way for the creation of decentralized financial markets, leading to the ability to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services.

In the last two years, more and more merchants have begun accepting cryptocurrencies, which is slowly but surely increasing the likelihood of long-term global mainstream adoption.

Despite this, it may not be obvious which merchants allow you to spend your hard earned cryptocurrency, so this post will include a handful of websites with you to get you started. Please note Sidekick is not affiliated with any of the services mentioned below.

Namecheap (Domain & Web Hosting)

Namecheap is one of the more popular domain and web hosting platforms out there. They recently began allowing customers to purchase domain names using Bitcoin. Customers are allowed to top up their account with cryptocurrency to complete purchases, similar to adding dollars with a bank transfer. Namecheap partners with BitPay to provide this service, which is like PayPal for Bitcoin payments.

Microsoft (Xbox Store)

The gaming industry has already been using the token payment concept for some time. Using game credits to purchase in store is nothing new and brings familiarity to how crypto projects tokenize their eco-systems.

A well known big player, Microsoft has allowed gamers to use BTC in its online Xbox store to purchase games. They can use this money to purchase in store credits. With non-fungible tokens beginning to take form, don’t be surprised if Microsoft someday utilizes blockchain for the trading of their games “digital goods.” Digital goods can be anything used in-game such as a sword, item or character skin.

Ujo Music (Music)

Ujo Music is a decentralized application which utilizes Web 3.0, otherwise known as the “user controlled internet.” By cutting out intermediary costs, the application directly connects users to great music. These users can use Ethereum to pay for the music they enjoy, and the platform pays musicians 100% of the sales from their music. (Amazon goods)

Purse decided to create a browser plugin that lets users pay for goods on Amazon with cryptocurrencies in order to take advantage of the fact that Amazon does not support it natively. If you are one of those users who often get Amazon gift card perks, you can trade it in for cryptocurrency by using Purse.

People can use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to purchase an Amazon e-books or products. Items are bought through users called “earners” who exchange their gift cards for your crypto automatically.

The items you buy can have up to 33% discounts thanks to the savings that the gift cards give out. Until Amazon accepts cryptocurrencies, Purse looks to be your best alternative to continue benefiting from Amazon’s wide range of products.

Shopify (Payment Gateway)

One of the most popular payment gateway options for websites stores, Shopify merchants can select to be paid in cryptocurrencies as well. Shopify utilizes access to Coinbase Commerce, BitPay, GoCoin and CoinPayment Beta and all the cryptocurrencies integrated with those wallets.

Shopify allows the opportunity for smaller online stores to be able to accept crypto using these third-party payment gateways.

Twitter & Brave (Crypto Browser Extensions)

In February 2019, Twitter announced their endorsement for the Chrome and Firefox browser extension Tippen. The extension allows you to tip your favorite Twitter influencers with Bitcoin.

Brave browser is known for their tipping functionality on various websites. Inside this browser, users can tip Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to websites that have registered and connected their domain to receive the funds.

As time goes on, we hope to discover and share many more options for people to spend cryptocurrencies so we can finally reach mainstream adoption on a global scale.

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