Sidekick’s Task Manager: Maximize Your Time (Part 2)

An important part of optimizing your workflow is keeping yourself organized. A great task manager can assist you in finishing your daily tasks!

Organizing Your Tasks

“Time waits for no one.” This is why it is better to manage your time, rather than have it manage you. By organizing your daily tasks, you can save valuable time and achieve goals in your personal and professional life much quicker.

Sidekick was created to serve as a personal assistant app for the modern workforce which integrates messaging, payments, and a marketplace. In order to truly be useful, it needed other integrated features like a file manager and task manager.

What is a Task Manager?

A task manager is a program that allows you to create task lists, like to-do lists, and track progress. However, a basic bullet-point list is hardly enough to get through your daily tasks efficiently. Rather, it is important to have a more robust program that gives you options.

What Can Sidekick’s Task Manager do?

Sidekick’s task manager consolidates the functions of several tools. All in an effort to help improve a user’s performance output. The task manager, specifically, has several key functions that help organize your tasks in the best way possible. Below are 5 such functions:

1. Create Unlimited Lists and Tasks; Share, Comment, Edit, and Attach Files

To briefly mention the functions discussed in “Part 1,” the task manager allows users to: create unlimited lists and tasks within those lists; share the lists with other users; and, allow for comments, edits, and attachments.

2. Progress Tags

First on the list of functions that weren’t mentioned in the previous article, are progress tags. To aid in these team collaborations, Sidekick added progress tags to the task manager. These can help teams visualize “where they are” better by categorizing tasks into one of three statuses. These will range from “to do,” “doing,” and “done.”.

3. Prioritize Tasks

One feature that is underrated, or missing altogether, in most task managers is a “priority” distinction. Not all tasks are equal; taking out the garbage is not as important as delivering your work on time.

As such, Sidekick provides its users with a Three Fire System (TFS). The TFS allows you to categorize tasks in order of priority. These range from one (1) being low priority to three (3) for high priority tasks.

4. Set Deadlines to Tasks

Once you, and anyone you may be sharing the list with, are content with your list, it’s time to add “time.” One of the most important functions of a task manager, beyond creating the tasks themselves, is setting deadlines. Without clear deadlines for tasks, there is no real pressure to finish them.

5. Set Reminders to Tasks

It isn’t enough to set deadlines because they can easily be forgotten, so we have also developed “reminders.” Consistent reminders help keep you focused on meeting your deadlines and keeping those around you happy they don’t have to remind you.

Which is the Best Task Manager App?

The best task manager, or task manager app, depends entirely on the user. Sidekick’s robust platform, with all its features, is an amazing option. Nevertheless, you must choose the right app that can help you organize your tasks and maximize your time.

Otherwise, you may turn to simpler methods. Writing down a list on a sheet of paper is a classic tradition. Perhaps simple is best for you. If not, consider Sidekick. We hope you find what you are looking for and manage your tasks responsibly!


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