Sidekick Progress Report #9

Focused mature lawyer sitting alone at his desk in an office going over legal documents

– Website is in final stages of applying design.
– One Pager is almost done being designed.
– Pitch Deck is almost done being reviewed, then design will be applied.
– Internally reviewing Whitepaper before sending to marketing for final review (then we’ll hire a lawyer to create a legal opinion for our whitepaper, then it goes to design).
– Hired Jerome Manzano to be a full-time frontend developer!
– Finished employee agreement and all members signed.
– Finished advisor’s agreement and working on getting them all to sign.
– Singapore flights purchased, Sean will arrive April 5th for the bank interview

Platform Backend
– Researching Kubernetes for managing system-wide horizontal scalability
– Researching Software vs Hardware based Load Balancing to prepare our websocket servers for horizontal scalability
– Put Dashboard onto containers and tried to deploy to server, but the VPS box’s RAM was messed up, so we have to get the host to give us a new box so we can deploy there. 
Platform Frontend (App)
– Finished UI for Password Recovery System
– Added disconnection/reconnection event logs and notifications
– Started working on UI cleanup for Registration Verification System.

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