Sidekick Progress Report #5

Back view of focused young programmer in glasses writing code and eating pizza

This past week, we focused on cleaning up the code in the frontend now that our backend is stable. We felt that even though it would take a 7–10 days, it was worth ensuring our app could scale smoothly as we begin to register users in the coming months.

We’re moving much closer to finalizing our marketing materials and design so we can begin to approach investors and influencers in preparation of releasing our alpha.

– Marketing agency has begun working.
– Designer is working on final logo design.

Platform Backend
– Started deploying APIs and dashboard.

Platform Frontend (App)
– Newly registered users auto-login to home screen.
– User’s registration info populates in profile.
– Removed @ from registration
– Almost done refactoring entire front-end now that the back end is live.

– Beginning stages of Incorporating in Singapore.

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