Sidekick Progress Report #4

Motion blur of train moving inside tunnel in Tokyo, Japan

This week has been absolutely amazing! We have hired a European design studio and an Asian marketing agency to help us finish up a lot.

– One Pager, Pitch Deck, Whitepaper, Websites
Working on finalized versions before giving it to the marketing agency to tweak and then designer to apply the design.

Platform Backend
– Backend live on server
– MongoDB live on server
– Backend and MongoDB working together smoothly
– Next step is deploy and test IPFS on the live server
– Analytics dashboard should be finished this week, put in a container, and pushed to Gitlab for deployment to server

Platform Frontend (App)
– Connected client to backend
– Able to create user accounts and login
– Next step is add error and success logging for registration as well as notification to tell user they have successfully registered then auto-login with new account.

– Working on incorporation

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