Sidekick Progress Report #3

Wheatgrass passes water from root to stem blade tip overnight

Sidekick Progress Report — Feb 10, 2019

Whitepaper v1.5.4
– Cleaned up voice

Pitch Deck v1.6
– Clarified Problem and Solution, added more graphs and updated financial projections

Working on Mission, Vision, Slogan, 10-word pitch, Color Scheme, Logo

Website is waiting for design team to start

Platform Backend
– Put backend into a Docker container
– Pushed container to GitLab repository with CI script
– Tested container on several VMs
– Preparing to deploy to server
– Analytics dashboard should be finished this week, put in a container, and pushed to Gitlab for deployment to server

Platform Frontend (App)
– Simplified user profile
– Simplied registration
– Added more features to Saved Messages.

– Finalizing what country to incorporate in.

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