Sidekick Progress Report #21


  • Updated “User Registration”
  • Added “Blocking/Unblocking Contacts”

Platform Backend

  • Successfully stress-tested websocket server from a local PC and it easily handled 56,000 concurrent client connections. We Dockerized our client simulator and are in the process of expanding to 40 VPS servers so we can attempt to seriously test our websockets. Our goal is 500,000 concurrent connections. Will update next week.

Platform Frontend (App)

  • Integrating Search for Groups
  • Integrating Contacts
  • Integrating Chats screen
  • Integrating Messages
  • Integrating User Profile
  • Updated Local Timezone; removed from Chat list and Contact list, added to User Profile and Message screen
  • Updated error handling
  • Updated local connection/reconnection handling
  • Tweaked Settings UI and features
  • Tweaked Wallet UI and features
  • Tweaked User Profile and features
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