Sidekick Progress Report #20


  • Upgraded website to support a future SEO-enabled footer
  • Mapped out website expansion, beginning to create content for it


  • Updated “User Registration”
  • Updated “Docker”, clarified process

Platform Backend

  • Built initial version of client simulation program, currently simulator supports generating 4,000 concurrent clients.. next step put inside Docker container and test from our VPS network
  • Upgraded VerificationCode: system now supports allowing user to change password or email
  • Implemented PinCode: system now supports setting a permanent PIN Code, using PIN for confirming payments, resetting PIN if forgotten, or change PIN if compromised
  • Implemented initial version of Referral system
  • Researching Elastic Search for recommendation engine

Platform Frontend (App)

  • Tweaked Search system and updated UI
  • Added support for grabbing contacts list
  • Upgraded Chat system
  • Started connecting Chat API
  • Revamped Onboarding process, waiting for design mockups so we can implement
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