Sidekick Progress Report #13

Analysis Strategy Study Information Business Planning


  • Whitepaper finished.
  • Sent whitepaper to Singaporean lawyer to prepare legal opinion.
  • Finished writing UI/UX details for every feature for the end of the roadmap.
  • Sent the “Send”, “Receive”, “Currency” screens for the Wallet to be mocked up and will be applied to the app next week.
  • Began sending out our whitepaper to private investors and influencers.

Platform Backend

  • Finished implementing and testing the new batch of APIs.
  • Connected Postgresql backend database storage to websockets.

Platform Frontend (App)

  • Mostly done with refactoring to add MVVMcross Framework (this splits business logic / APIs / UI, allowing us to simultaneously cross develop with minimal redundant coding, meaning we can launch iOS, Mac, and Windows much faster now).
  • Fixed login bug
  • Fixed delete contact bug
  • Made login persistent
  • Updated Privacy Policy screen design
  • Finished 90% of Chat UI
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