Sidekick Progress Report #12

Business, technology and people concept - creative team or designers working on user interface at office


  • Whitepaper was re-written, reviewed, and is being further revised.
  • Explainer video is on hold for now while we finish the whitepaper and MVP.
  • Finished writing UI/UX details for every feature for the end of the roadmap. Mockups for those screens are being designed next week.

Platform Backend

  • Prepared technical architecture layout for whitepaper
  • Setup backend database storage and VPS manager
  • Implemented many of the remaining APIs needed to finish the MVP

Platform Frontend (App)

  • Finished Password Recovery re-design
  • Finished Registration Verification re-design
  • Fixed a few small issues in UI
  • added PinCode Dialog
  • added Information Dialog
  • added Common Classes
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