Sidekick Progress Report #11


  • Whitepaper still close to being finished.
  • Working on explainer video scope.
  • Hired our 4th full-time developer: Andrey Philippov


  • Most documentation regarding MVP is finished.
  • Wrote first draft technical section

Platform Backend

  • Implemented most of the remaining MVP APIs
  • Implemented File System management

Platform Frontend (App)

  • Implemented LiteDB for user login
  • Implemented LiteDB for user profile
  • Finished Register screen UI update
  • Finished Menu Drawer UI update completed
  • Finished navigation icons
  • Chats screen UI 95% done
  • Implemented Chat screen Context menu
  • Added Chat screen Unread messages count
  • Implemented Contact timezone timer
  • Fixed Contact issues regarding wrong display when deleting contact
  • Finished Wallet main screen UI 80% (minor UI adjustments and add toggle implementation)
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