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Recent technological advances have revolutionized many aspects of our lives, for example communicating with people, transferring funds, accessing information, and buying and selling things. Sidekick takes the next step by seamlessly integrating messaging, payments, and e-commerce into a minimalistic ecosystem experience.

Sidekick Progress & Development

Sidekick is pleased to announce that our mobile app has undergone serious development over the last year, and we are nearing the release of our MVP. In that time, we have assembled a core team of experienced technical engineers and business developers.

We believe deeply that the future of work is remote, so we’ve built this team to work efficiently in a completely remote capacity. This way, they can have a great work-life balance by working wherever they feel most comfortable.

This helps us better understand how to develop and evolve our platform in a way that that speaks to the needs of our global user base.

Our Perspective and Mission

Unification in Modern Applications

Many platforms have been developed on the internet with the goal of unification. Search engines unify the process for finding content, social media unifies our interactions, and syndication feeds unify relevant information from a vast array of sources to one locale in real-time.

While these achievements are great, we noticed that a core need of every person, the need to communicate directly with others, has not progressed at the same rate as these other systems and tools.

A Need for Unified Communication

Shopping, payment processing, and the sending and receiving of payments are another set of examples of arenas that have also recently developed rapidly.

However, since communication is fundamental to how humans accomplish just about everything, it seems strange that messaging applications have not undergone the same unifications that these other applications and networks have.

In the world of e-commerce and payments, communication is vital, but has been treated been treated as an appendix, an add-on that one can partake in, but without the seamlessness and convenience that one can have in doing just about everything else.

Many of us check our phones to see if there is a new message from a friend or family member so often that we cannot even keep track. But when sending and receiving money, selling and buying goods, asking questions and receiving answers, and a plethora of other engagements we regularly endure, we have to jump through hoops to accomplish any one of these things.

The Problems with Communication

Buyers often cannot get direct responses from sellers in a timely fashion about their products and services. Sellers have a hard time getting the chance to communicate with buyers instantly so that they can create a sale.

Transacting funds requires dealing with multiple companies that appear to make things difficult and expensive just because they can, all the while having multiple accounts and apps to keep track of because they do not integrate and are not compatible with one another.

The golden goose that can put all these problems together onto one page and attempt to solve them, our communication and messaging applications, have not done so.

Messaging applications generally act as black boxes that make it easy to enter, to bring your friends and contacts into the system, but make it difficult or impossible to integrate with each other, as well as all the other external applications and services.

This is all true even with the knowledge that integrating a messaging app into these systems would cut down on time wasted, increase productivity and ease of use, and would help minimize the miscommunications that complicate our lives.

To pour salt into this wound, the bedrock of happy communication, privacy and security, have been regularly compromised by the messaging behemoths.

The team at Sidekick is calling an end to these troubles.

Sidekick Offers a Solution

The mission of Sidekick is to rectify that which is lacking.

We provide a messaging application that allows for these integrations, that makes e-commerce easy to conduct, that allows payments to be easily sent and received, all while minimizing costs and maximizing safety, privacy and security.

These facets are just the tip of the iceberg with respect to the long term vision of our company as we have substantially more to offer. The road to solving these problems requires the help and interaction of everyone who feels the same way as we do.

All of this is why we are developing a community that will act as the foundation for our company, and we hope that anyone who has thoughts or concerns that resonates with what we are doing will join us on the journey to creating a better tool for communication.

Sidekick Community

You can find us on all the popular social media platforms, because we care about hearing from you where you feel most comfortable.

There are many ways for members of our community to reach us, and as we develop and grow we will be using these platforms to keep everyone updated.

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More Information about Sidekick

In an effort to promote long-term transparency, we intend to publish much more information about the Sidekick ecosystem.

By visiting our official channels above, you can follow along with our progress and communicate with us directly by asking any questions or sending suggestions and feedback.

We are happy to discuss partnerships and investment via

For a more comprehensive understanding of our company and ecosystem, please check out our Whitepaper.

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