How Sidekick Can Bring Safe and Reliable Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Sidekick provides safe and reliable solutions for the modern entrepreneur by eliminating the initial concerns they may have when starting a new business.

Disrupting Chat Apps

Sidekick’s new mobile app will disrupt the way we see all messaging apps. By bringing together the features of messaging, payments, and a marketplace, Sidekick will create the ideal environment for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Ideally, tools for entrepreneurs should have an easy and accessible point of entry. Whereas many other platforms either charge users for their services or have a steep learning curve, Sidekick will provide the entrepreneur with all the tools they need to begin building their brand.

A Solution for Entrepreneurs

There are a few concerns that every entrepreneur faces when starting their own business or personal brand. How much do they need in their budget for outreach? How can they begin accepting payments? How can they create a community? How can they reach out to their audience and make changes based on the demand of their customers?

Admittedly, these are only a few of the countless concerns a person is faced with when starting a new business. Nevertheless, Sidekick aims to ease many of these concerns for entrepreneurs to help empower them in building their business without being intimidated by the daunting process.

Below are a few examples of how Sidekick provides these solutions.

Community Building

The first thing an entrepreneur needs is to create demand for their product or service. Once they’ve decided what they’re going to sell, they can create a group for their brand on Sidekick that will allow them to host and interact directly with their target audience.

Entrepreneurs can create large public groups for their customers to get the latest updates from the company, receive discounts, post their questions or concerns, and ultimately create an environment where users can share their common interests.

As well, these groups can modify their privacy settings to strictly allow only verified users and immediately avoid the downfalls of spammers, scammers, and other malicious actors. Though many entrepreneurs don’t consider this when creating their groups, a single malicious user could drive hundreds or thousands of users away from a new company.

Sidekick also enables groups to have sub-groups which can either be private or public. These can be segmentations for premium content, personalized customer support, or for department-specific activity.

A Way to Receive Payments

Another major concern for new entrepreneurs is how they’ll be receiving payments. Currently, the payment gateways available for users tend to be authoritarian. Meaning, they not only have a difficult barrier to entry, but they also hold the power to freeze funds indefinitely and release funds in 30, 60, or even 90-day periods.

Payment processors often require merchant accounts, and employee identification numbers. In addition, they usually have steep fees and difficult startup processes.

For new entrepreneurs, especially, these funds may be necessary to pay the daily expenses for their operation. Why then, would a platform hold complete control over their funds? For this reason, Sidekick accepts payments through cryptocurrencies.

This way, payments are instantly deposited into the merchant’s wallet and the only payments that are held for longer periods are those for quality assurance. Meaning, if a merchant is selling shoes on the platform, for example, the funds will be released only once the customer has received the item.

Similarly, if the seller is providing a service, they can create a paid-entry group. For a monthly or yearly fee, users can join the group and receive valuable advice or services from the seller. For example, a stock or crypto trader could create a group where they tell their members of calls and strategies they’re making on particular markets.

A Platform for their Product or Service

Most importantly, once the entrepreneur has created their new business, brought together their own community, and began accepting instant payments in cryptocurrencies, they’ll need a place to host their product or service. Preferably a place with global access.

That’s the third pillar of Sidekick’s environment, the marketplace. Here, users from all over the globe can host their projects on the platform and promote them to Sidekick’s community. They can also upload images of their products and find an audience that’s interested.

Whether it’s shoes, shirts, electronics, digital goods, or any other product the user wishes to sell, they can do so on Sidekick’s marketplace. Additionally, all clients can be easily redirected to the company’s group chat on Sidekick for the newest company updates.

A Massive Opportunity

All in all, by tying together the benefits of group messaging, crypto payments, and a global marketplace, entrepreneurs from all over the world can ease into an otherwise tedious process. Rather than having to pool together countless apps and plugins, they can simply bring all their efforts onto a single platform and launch their project from there.

Users will likely still want to experiment with other platforms to create greater exposure, however, Sidekick aims to facilitate the barrier to entry for new users so they won’t feel intimidated to pursue their idea in the first place.

Trying to determine the ins-and-outs of starting a new brand can drive many entrepreneurs away from even trying. With Sidekick, the process is made easy so that anyone can begin, learn the basics, and grow their own business.

Are you ready to start using Sidekick for your business?

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