Sidekick is Attending the 2019 Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit

The AIBC Winter Startup Village event will convene at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit on November 7th and 8th this year. The Sidekick team will be there to demonstrate their application.

AIBC Winter Summit

The third edition of the Malta Blockchain Summit will be holding its winter event at the InterContinental Hotel in Malta. According to the event website, there will be over 100 startups, 700 investors, 5500 delegates, and 150 exhibitors in attendance.

This year, the event features emerging technology start-ups to talk about the state of the art in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. We can think of no better place since Malta has been described as the “Blockchain Island” and has been featured in articles by major outlets like Forbes and CNN.

Speakers will present topics ranging from “Future of Fintech” to “Quantum Tech,” which will spark fascinating conversations about where the industry is heading. Some other featured topics will be on specific applications of A.I. and blockchain in the energy, retail, property, social, and cyber security sectors.

Sidekick is Going to Malta

Sidekick has been selected to join the Startup Village program at the Malta Blockchain Summit. We will have a booth and members of our core team including our CEO Sean Weisbrot, and COO Mark Dille, will also be in attendance.  We will be there to demonstrate the application.

The Sidekick app addresses the challenges of too many separate apps and brings together messaging, payments and a digital marketplace into a single wallet-enabled ecosystem.  It enables users to send and receive a variety of the mainstream cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

This includes enabling users to send crypto peer-to-peer and more importantly to spend their cryptocurrencies for goods, services, and other products that reside in the marketplace.

The app has been specifically designed around on-boarding mainstream users to enable faster and easier adoption in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Through the design of a simple user-interface, Sidekick is designed to enable easier adoption and usage for mainstream as well as crypto savvy users.

Don’t “Be Left Behind”

At the event, we will also be joined by one of our advisors, Steve Good, who is the Host of the Coin Chat. He will be also announcing his new book called Be Left Behind at the conference along with his co-host/co-author Yuri Cataldo.

The book is written for the mainstream to help them understand how to buy, send, spend and trade in cryptocurrency as well as how to protect your identities and avoid scammers.

Yuri and Steve will also be presenting at the conference as well speaking about “What are best practices for adoption.” These principles of adoption and usability have been core aspects to drive our product direction.

See You at the ‘Blockchain Island’

There will be many keynote speakers in the industry including Roger Ver, Tone Vays, Tim Draper, Joseph Muscat, Patrick Chan, David Orban, and Dr. Alexandra Mik. We hope that our growing community will also attend and support the event to bring greater awareness to the frontiers of technology.

For news and updates about our attendance, please like and follow our channels below. The Sidekick team is excited to meet everyone there!


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