Pay to Enter Groups: Earn More Income

A new way of earning income is emerging – ‘pay to enter’ groups. If you have a valuable skill to offer, perhaps this is for you.

What is a Pay to Enter Group?

Whether it’s a “pay to enter group,” a “members-only group,” or simply a “paid group” the idea remains the same, you have to pay to get in. Though this concept isn’t new, more and more people are using it as an option for a secondary stream of income, especially since ‘everything’ is online now.

Whether it’s for contacting friends and family, shopping, reading the news, or finding cute pictures of cats, the internet is the place to be. Consequently, many companies have dedicated entire departments to develop their online presence.

Still, you don’t have to be a big company to start earning revenue online. If you have a valuable skill to offer, you can just create a paid to enter group and start monetizing your knowledge and expertise.

Well, How Do I Make One?

There’s really no ‘best’ way to create a paid-for group, you just have to get a little creative. Though some platforms can make the process even easier, it’s really as simple as creating a group and restricting access, then only allowing entry to paying members.

Whether you wish to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other app, making the group is the easiest part. The most important part is making sure you have an easy way for interested parties to send you their money. And finally, you’ll have to find new members.

For example, if you’re an amazing cook and see that there are people in your neighborhood who would love to learn your newest recipes, you could tell them to give you cash every month and you’ll place them into your exclusive ‘new recipes group.’

Alternatively, to make this payment process less tedious, you could tell them to send you money online, either through a platform like PayPal, a direct bank transfer, or even using digital currencies. The exact method will depend on what’s easier for you and your potential group members.

Which Platforms Could I Use?

Some platforms facilitate the process by allowing you to both create groups and accept payments. However, for the most part, you’ll probably need to create your group on a platform that has easy access and then you can always use a 3rd-party app to receive payments.

Nevertheless, there are many platforms to choose from. Below we’ve listed three popular choices to illustrate a few different routes you can take:

1 – Facebook

Facebook gives you the option of creating groups that require admin approval before entering. In this way, you can filter out who has already sent you a payment and who hasn’t. This option does require you to find a 3rd-party solution for payments.

However, Facebook is arguably the best platform for targeted advertising and one of the best solutions to finding people that could benefit from your services. If you have a budget for advertising, this is a great option.

2 – WordPress

WordPress or other website generators facilitate the process of creating and designing your own site. Creating your own website through a website-builder can have countless advantages, like useful plugins and easy maintenance without the need for a proper development team.

Continuing with our example of WordPress, you can add a shopping cart plugin like WooCommerce that allows your visitors to pay for your services using their credit cards or PayPal. You could create the group on your own website or on any platform and then just lead people to your website for payments. From there you can simply add the new person into your group.

3 – Sidekick (Soon)

This particular option is still in its development stages but it’s definitely one to watch. As digital currencies (or ‘cryptocurrencies’), like Bitcoin, continue to make headlines, more people are turning to this alternative currency for sending and receiving payments.

Sidekick will allow you to create member’s only groups and accept crypto payments, all on their platform. They’re streamlining the entire process to make it as easy as possible for you to begin monetizing on your talents. For this reason, they’re the preferred choice for crypto payments.

A Freelance Future

With new apps coming out every day, it’s becoming easier than ever to find alternative sources of income. For a number of reasons, more people are looking for options to find freelance work that pays them for their skills. By creating your own private groups, you too could form part of this independent workforce.

Though no one can predict the future, one thing is for sure, the internet is filled with infinite opportunities. If you want to earn income through a paid to enter group that provides others with your valuable knowledge and expertise, you already have all the tools at your disposal. The rest is up to you.

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