What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is a Blockchain messaging, payments, and marketplace ecosystem for individuals, businesses, educators, and influencers. We support multiple cryptocurrencies for payments within the platform.

Who is the team?

Our team is full of energy, and passionate for using technology in a socially responsible manner.

The team is comprised of people from all over the world, and we are all multi-lingual serial entrepreneurs comfortable around technology and the idea of pushing boundaries.

We have a clear vision for the version of the future we want to build: a society where Artificial Intelligence is our partner, friend, and maybe lover who knows.. We want humans to have more free time and less stress so they can do more of the things they love, feel more satisfied, and live healthier.

For more information regarding our team, please view the website.

Where is the team?

Our team works together remotely from Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, HK, and UK.

Who uses Sidekick?

Sidekick is for individuals, businesses, educators, and influencers.

What makes Sidekick unique?
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Payments
  • Monetisation
  • Secure File Manager
  • Services
  • Privacy
  • KYC Verification
How can I try Sidekick?

When the application is ready, it will be for Android and iOS. Later on we will make desktop versions. Links to download the app will be available via our website and all social media accounts.

What are your thoughts on internet privacy?

We believe the internet was meant to be decentralized and private from the beginning, but that isn’t the reality of our world today.

We intend to protect user data and privacy as if our life depended on it, because we hope to inspire the future of the internet to follow the same path.

We wrote more extensively about this philosophy inside our whitepaper, so go there for the full reasoning.

What about GDPR?

We believe GDPR is a great first step along the path towards truly protecting user data and privacy, and we pledge to do our best to never be in violation of the GDPR.

How can I help?

We welcome anyone who desires to help our community grow and mature. We would love to talk to you about translations for our:

  • Website
  • Whitepaper
  • Mobile application

For more information, go to our Telegram channel: t.me/sidekickapp

How can I use KAI?

KAI credits are the basis for our loyalty program which rewards users for engagement on the Sidekick platform.

How to earn KAI:

  • Activating your Sidekick account
  • Filling in your profile
  • Successfully referring friends
  • Reporting bugs
  • Providing feedback / suggestions
  • Answering questions
  • Answering polls
  • Winning design contests
  • All on-platform transactions
  • All Marketplace purchases
  • Sign up bonus for File storage
  • Sign up bonus for Premium membership
  • Sign up bonus for Teams membership

How to use KAI:

  • Users can tip their favourite artists, educators or influencers with KAI
  • Sponsored listings
  • Cross promotional advertising
  • Job listings
  • File Management storage renewal
  • Premium Membership renewal
  • Teams membership renewal
  • Businesses can accept KAI in order to provide discounts on Marketplace goods
How can I buy KAI?

KAI can not be purchased, it can only be earned through engagement.

How do I receive my KAI?

Whenever you engage in a way that rewards you with KAI, you will immediately see your rewarded KAI credits in your Sidekick wallet.

How much is each KAI?

KAI credits do not have any value connected to a fiat or digital currency.

How can I store KAI?

We will have a wallet inside our mobile application. It’s safe to store in either of these wallets.