Benefits of Task Managers in Messaging Applications

Task managers make teams more efficient, organized, and successful. It’s only natural that these would be integrated into messaging applications.

Teams Benefit from Task Managers

Teams, in international companies or with a large remote workforce, need efficient communication and workflow. They need to be able to share tasks, to-do lists, and mark progress along the way. As well, they need the ability to store, access, and exchange files.

This is where messaging applications with integrated task managers make life easier. For workers, teams, and companies, the more tools in one place, the better. By combining lines of communication and task managers, teams no longer need to fumble around with various lines of communication.

Messaging Apps, Task Managers, E-mails, and Meetings

Teams use messaging apps for quick and easy communication. By using these apps, teams can reach out for brief communication and avoid long and confusing email chains. Quick questions can be answered, tasks can be communicated, and workflow isn’t interrupted.

Admittedly, many organizations prefer video conference calls. Particularly when connecting with a remote workforce. However, finding every person’s most suitable schedule can be problematic.

The meeting’s minutes aren’t always written down. In contrast, meetings through messaging applications allow for a record with immediate and permanent access. And while messaging apps can’t entirely replace meetings, they can reduce the number of meetings needed and ultimately improve workflow.

Tasks and To-Do Lists

Task management systems help teams organize processes and communications. As well, they help teams with customers, when dealing with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This adds a layer of transparency and allows leaders to effectively communicate all tasks and goals.

The benefit is that it allows the team to track their collective progress on a project. Meaning, project leaders require less time spent on tracking each individual member’s progress. Consequently, workflow is streamlined, communicated, and visible across teams.


Often, teams spend significant time on chat apps, scheduling events and meetings. With integrated calendars all scheduling can be handled in one place, eliminating the need for lengthy chat conversations.

Moreover, each colleague’s calendar can be set to be publicly available. Therefore, scheduling a meeting with a team member becomes quick and easy. This allows everybody to view and consider their teammate’s availability, plan around schedules, and improve the team’s efficiency.

File Storage & Access

Sharing files and storage access is another crucial need for teams. All colleagues need access to project files, documents, spreadsheets, etc. Having the ability to share and reference these files instantly improves the team’s communication and workflow.

All searches matter; conversation threads, particular topics, and project files, should be a simple search away. Having to dig in various cloud folders, task managers, and numerous applications within a company wastes precious time. Rather, it’s ideal to have files categorized by dates for easy reference.

Working on the Go

The problem with email is that current user interfaces are not often suited for mobiles. This is especially true when it comes to heavy task management. Teams need access to large amounts of information on-the-go. The key is in providing teams with tools that offer more mobility and flexibility, making chat apps the perfect vehicle.

Analysis, Progress, and Performance Reports

A great task management system stores work interaction history. Having this clear and transparent record makes it easy to solve disputes and communication issues. Similarly, with integrated reporting, chat apps can help team leaders save time by tracking progress performance and providing a brief analysis.

The More Tools in One Toolbox, the Better

As is evident with the benefits mentioned in this article, teams can save time through more robust messaging applications. The main takeaway here is that the more functionality the messaging app has, the better. Especially with today’s rapid growth in competition among the workforce, it’s important to have an extra “edge.” This is precisely where these tools can prove to be invaluable for every team.


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