5 Ways Entrepreneurs Keep Healthy

Starting your own business and working remotely comes with many challenge; one of these is staying healthy.

Health Tips for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

As remote work continues to become a staple of our workforce, it is important to keep in mind our health. When working from home especially, it is easy to forget to keep a healthy lifestyle. Failure to do so can come with many risks and challenges.

This operate-from-anywhere workforce is particularly prone to health and psychological issues. Now more than ever, it is important to practice healthy habits and maintain them. This is not only to perform better, but also to care for your own well-being. Read below to learn 5 health tips entrepreneurs use to stay healthy.

1. Commit to a Schedule

While some companies think remote workers are less productive than traditional in-house workers, the opposite is more often the case. Remote workers often struggle with overworking rather than underworking. It’s too easy to get sucked into the job for long hours, forgetting to take breaks or working all hours around the clock.

This is why it’s important to set and commit to a schedule every working day. Breaks, lunch, and even meeting times or “social breaks” must be part of this routine to avoid overworking and the inevitable resulting burnout that can follow.

Moreover, it’s important to specify non-working hours. Ignore those late-arrival emails or late-night communications that go beyond the normal hours of the workday, and make time for social events with family and friends.

2. Escape the “Bed and Pajamas” Routine

The next challenge to staying healthy for freelancers and remote workers is simply in getting out of bed in the morning. While it might seem like a luxury to be able to work in pajamas, this can set workers into unhealthy routines.

If it doesn’t feel like an office, not only will the office work suffer, the home life and comfort might as well. It’s important that when working from home, it feels like an office, and when not working at home, the home is still the home.

This goes back to overworking as well. Remote workers need to be able to not only distinguish between the office and the home but also to separate the two in order to create a healthy, working routine.

3. Invest in a Good Office Space

Every freelancer and remote worker needs a good office space. This is especially true when working from home, as it helps workers draw the line between relaxing at home and dedicating time to work in the office.

It’s equally important for these offices to be equipped with the right desk and chair to help combat potential back pain, prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or reduce eye strain. Workers might also consider investing in a standing desk or an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to help combat the physical risks of working outside of a traditional office.

4. Take Measures to Prevent Eye Strain

Location independence and working from a PC or laptop all the time also means that workers can experience troubles with eye strain (and oftentimes, the resulting headaches that follow).

This is why it’s important to always be aware of the lighting wherever the office is, whether it be at home, a coworking space, or a suitable cafe. If the light from your PC or laptop is too bright in “the office,” it’s time to consider either a different more suitable environment or to start utilizing blue light filters or glasses to reduce the risk of vision problems in the future.

5. Make Time for Breaks

Again, it can be easy for freelancers and remote workers to get sucked into their work and completely forget about the clock for hours on end. It’s important to remember to take breaks, not only for mental health but also for productivity.

Remember to drink lots of water, have a healthy snack, take small pauses, or find a distraction if only for a few minutes. This will improve performance overtime and also help prevent workers from overworking and the resulting burnout.

A Healthy Work-Life Balance

All in all, these 5 simple ways to stay healthy are merely to give you an idea of the possibilities. Particularly with a remote job, it is important to continually practice a healthy work-life balance.

Be sure to check your habits and routines and ensure you are doing your best to keep in peak condition. After all, health is not something you choose one day and not the next, it is a lifestyle you should work to maintain. Every step to ensure both physical and mental health is a step to a better future.