5 Side Projects That Make Money

In this day and age, generating a second source of income is quite literally at our fingertips. Here are a few ideas of side projects you can start doing to make some extra money!

How Can I Earn a Second Source of Income?

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

As with most things in life, doing what you love quickly turns work into a fun daily activity. As such, it makes sense to find a side project that you genuinely enjoy doing. Ask yourself first, “What would be a cool hobby to have?” Rather than asking, “What would make me money?”

By making this simple shift, you can immediately avoid the downfalls that come with having money as your primary source of motivation. By simply finding a hobby that you can later turn into a second source of income, you will find the process can be just as exciting as the rewards!

To give you some ideas, and get the creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of side projects many people enjoy doing.

1. Playing Free Online Games

That’s right, first on the list is literally playing games! What is often seen as a waste of time by parents around the world, today it can be a very real career path. eSports reported revenues of over US$1.1 billion in 2019, and these numbers are only expected to rise.

From sponsors, to advertisers, and countless competitions with cash prizes, gamers can earn some serious income. Nevertheless, like any other field, not every gamer will earn such high income from their skills. It requires dedication and persistence to reach a professional player status. On the plus side, even if you don’t become a professional, you would still get the chance to play a lot of fun games. That’s still a pretty sweet deal, right?

2. Learning Computer Programming

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” This sentiment was shared by Steve Jobs in 1995. He felt that learning to program the very machines we use on a daily basis should be just as natural as learning to read and write.

It’s understandable if you’re thinking, “Well, but my job doesn’t require that, why would I learn that?” And the simple answer is: programming is for more than just computer science majors. Learning to create simple programs can actually save you more time than you think.

Creating a small program to help with your finances, your groceries, or other house chores is a very real possibility. As well, learning a programming language can help you develop your cognitive abilities such as abstract thinking skills. Best of all, you can pretty much learn any programming language for free, with resources like Github, Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, etc.

3. Studying a New Language

Many would argue that learning a new language may prove to be unnecessary in the near future. With translation apps like Google Translate, it’s easier than ever to communicate when you travel abroad.

This might very well be true in the short term, as you wouldn’t need to learn Russian if you’re visiting Saint Petersburg for a week. However, learning a new language can still prove to be an invaluable skill. Not only does learning a new skill allow you to communicate easily with people, it also opens a window into the culture of the speakers.

Though translations are easier than ever, so is learning a new language with tools like Duolingo, Babbel, Memrise, FluentU, etc. And people who know several languages, and can facilitate in offices with an international clientele and workforce, are always in high demand.

4. Investing and Personal Finance

It’s not surprising that one of the best secondary sources of income is from your own investments. However, not everyone really understands how to invest. Therein lies the opportunity. With so many online resources available, a person could educate themselves on the best practices for managing personal finances and investing.

Then, they could condense this information into more easily digestible articles or blog posts. By learning about different investment vehicles and opportunities, you can eventually become a master. Ultimately, these skills can be used to attain a Financial Advisor Certification. At which point, you can use your knowledge to educate others in self-managing finances.

The opportunities for workers that understand finance, accounting, and investments can be invaluable in the finance department of any company. Learning about finance, if you’re passionate, can be a very lucrative hobby.

5. Starting a Blog

For writers especially, starting a blog can be a valuable opportunity to share your insight with others. Rather than paying for your own domain and hosting, you can sign up for a free website or use alternative resources like Medium and Linkedin.

With your own blog, you can reach a wide community of like-minded professionals and grow your social circle. Share ideas and discuss topics you’re interested in with peers and jot down what you learn. The most important part of any blog is simply the consistency.

Readers will learn to love your style of writing, but what will continue to attract a wider audience is simply your consistency. If you’re always releasing new content, they’ll know where to find you, and you can eventually monetize on the opportunity.

They Sky is the Limit

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, these 5 are just examples of things you could start doing to earn a second source of income. However, what you wish to do depends entirely on your own personal interests. Other runner-ups to the list could be cooking, painting, web design, sketch designs, editing, collecting something you like, as well as a plethora of others.

As a general rule of thumb, before choosing what you would like to focus your free time on, remember to ask yourself, “What do I like? What would I be excited to wake up and do every morning?” If you can answer these questions honestly, then creating an income around it becomes secondary to your drive for exploring and perfecting the thing you like doing. So, choose your “adventure” and take action today!

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