Top 5: Best Features of Chat Apps

The 5 features you didn’t know you needed, and shouldn’t have to live without. Learn about a few of the features of new chat apps.

Chats Apps are Fun

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a chatter, frequently delving into the emoji-riddled, sticker-filled world of instant messaging. Though there are countless messaging apps to choose from, they all share a common solution. That is, they allow us to keep stronger connections with our family, friends, and our entire social circle.

These platforms help us stay connected and share what’s new in the world and in our lives. Whether you’re looking to begin selling your own product or starting a book club, you can definitely benefit from all the different features of chat apps.

5 Features All Chat Apps Must Have!

We won’t go over all the features these technological marvels have to offer, as there’s just too many to write about in a single article. Rather, we’ll show you 5 of the features we believe these chat apps should have in their repertoire.

5. Encrypted Messaging

These platforms have messaging at their core. Nevertheless, messaging can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have unlimited and instant communication with anyone in the world; on the other hand, you open a digital window into your private life. Without proper security protocols, your private conversations might actually be public.

This is why we believe Encrypted Messaging is one of the features your chat app MUST have. Encrypted or secure messaging provides end-to-end encryption for your messages, which prevents others from monitoring your conversations.

Essentially, data encryption converts your messages into random characters and symbols and only the person you’re chatting with holds the cypher key to view your messages. Privacy is quickly becoming a luxury.

4. Conference Calls and Voice Notes

As more people take to working remotely, many work meetings are taking place online now. Most major messaging apps offer user-to-user calls, as well as conference calling, and voice messages for when they need an easier, hands-free solution.

These features prove very useful when going about daily activities. Whether you’re picking up some groceries, grabbing a coffee, or on the commute to work, these tools will keep you in touch with your team. We find this feature is so necessary, we insist you choose a primary chat app that has this option (with video call, as well). Can you imagine having to communicate with your family solely through text?

3. Public, Private, and Prioritized Chats

Now that you’ve made sure you’re messages are encrypted, the next big step is making sure your messages are organized for quicker viewing. Having easier-to-navigate chats can help you save a world of time.

Most chats are in some way Private Chats. Meaning, they’re either a one-on-one conversation with your contact or part of an invite-only group. However, with features on apps like Snapchat, private chats can now also be secured by adding a timer. For example, 5 minutes after you’ve read your messages, the conversation is automatically deleted. Thus guaranteeing no one else can read your messages.

Public Chats are a popular feature now, as well. These differ because they’re often much bigger groups where users can join and leave as they please. These public chats can even be membership-only groups, where users pay to gain access. Users that might be interested in this feature might be small businesses, influencers, educators, or other users with something valuable to share.

Prioritized Chats are a feature that allows you to have your most important messages pinned to the top of your conversations. Saving you the trouble of scrolling through a sea of non-priority messages to find the one you really need.

Apps are always looking to make the interface for these incoming messages as user-friendly as possible. Some, like Sidekick, have all of these features and even separate the individual chats from the group chats to save you more time. How much easier could it get?

2. Secure File Storage and Transfers

Though this particular feature is often taken for granted, more people are using their messaging apps to send images, documents, and other files. In the event that these files held sensitive information, you should trust the app you’re using to send them securely.

This can be crucial when using messaging with work teams. It’s easier to send something through a chat window than it is to open up your email. As such, the drag and drop features of these applications can be quite enticing, but do make sure you check whether or not your messaging app is secure or you might want to consider switching over to one that is.

1. Payments

Last but not least the top feature on our list is payments. This single feature has raised the bar for all messaging platforms worldwide. Originally, payments through apps was a novel concept, most still requiring a credit card. The closest thing we had was PayPal, and that came with its own set of issues.

However, looking forward, any user of China’s messaging giant WeChat will tell you cash is a thing of the past. New messaging apps are implementing support for payments options. This way, users can simply scan a code on their phone or from the merchant and pay. This is definitely a feature we believe all apps should have in the near future.

An important distinction to make is the apps that natively offer payments built-in to their features with apps that have extensions that allow for payments.

If you are using an extension that allows payments, you would have to verify the veracity, privacy, and overall security of that extension before trusting it with your financial account information. Applications like WhatsApp and Telegram only offer third-party extensions while Sidekick and WeChat have it built into their core.

Final Thoughts

As we discuss the top features on messaging apps today, it’s important to look ahead and try to imagine what new features these will bring. One such feature we believe apps will evolve to have is alternative payments, like cryptocurrencies.

Sidekick, for example, is one such company that’s pushing the limits yet again. They’re platform will allow for payments, however, they’ll be digital-based asset payments, popularly known as cryptocurrencies or crypto.

With the growing popularity of digital assets, more people are looking for apps that support Bitcoin or Ethereum. Some users who appreciate their privacy choose to buy exclusively with their online currencies. We believe this’ll be another game-changer in the near future, what do you think? Feel free to post us on our social media or join our telegram group, and let us know any comments you have..


It’s fascinating to think of how far we’ve come in communications. We moved from letters on horseback to pocket supercomputers in less time than it takes Pluto to orbit once around the sun. Just imagine that a couple of decades ago most communication was done through landlines:

“Hello? Hi Mrs. Lee, is Terry home? Oh, do you know when he’ll be back? Ok, thanks. Yeah, I’ll tell my mom you said hi, ok bye… bye, bye.”

At this point, it’s hard to imagine going back to an unconnected world. These 5 features help highlight how easy communication has become and how we should still strive to stay on top of the latest trends. Hopefully you’ll see whichever chat app you use in a different light now.

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