4 Use Cases for Entrepreneurs that Use Sidekick

Here are 4 examples of users that benefit from Sidekick’s robust messaging, payments, and marketplace platform!

How Can I Become an Entrepreneur?

Most people are intimidated by the idea of starting something of their own. Ironically, there’s no scarcity of people that can’t stand their current “9-5” jobs. It’s not that these individuals don’t want to start up a company fueled by their passion, they’re just afraid to do so.

Though there’s plenty of small details that go into such an endeavor, one thing that people find to be the most daunting is simply, “how do I even start?” While there are many resources online which can assist in this regard, Sidekick designed a platform that can make a few of the other details much easier.

With Sidekick, anyone can start their own business and begin accepting payments. The platform disrupts current giants like PayPal, WeChat, WhatsApp, and eBay by simply consolidating their features and catering to the user.

Below are four mock-examples of how people can use Sidekick to jump-start their business:

Sidekick to Benefit Entrepreneurs

1. Paul – A “Sneaker-head”

Paul developed a fascination for sneakers in high school. Everything from the newest Adidas or Jordans to the most vintage-looking Converse, Paul knew the models by heart. He heard there was a lot of potential to selling online, especially given his expertise, however he wasn’t old enough to have a bank account.

His parents said he could get a bank account and start selling when he turned 18, however, Paul couldn’t wait. He downloaded Sidekick and starting using the marketplace to accept payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Soon, he was selling over 2,000 pairs of shoes every month!

As soon as Paul turned 18, he had enough funds to create his own distribution company and even began to design his own brand of sneakers.

2. Sara – A Science Teacher Turned Lecturer

Sara had been teaching middle school science for over 10 years. Though she loved her job, she wished she could also teach in a more meaningful and freestyle manner without oversight.

Sara decided she wanted to keep her day job while also creating fun videos to post online so anyone who was interested could learn. She set up her Sidekick account, began a group to answer questions and uploaded new videos every week. Sara was also able to provide additional premium tutoring in a private sub-group that students would pay for on a monthly basis.

Soon, she had built an online community of over 10,000 members, and schools began hiring her to give presentations to get them more interested in science.

3. Michelle – An Online Gamer

From the first time Michelle’s hands touched a game controller in primary school, she was hooked on multiplayer strategy game.

She began streaming her gameplay so other people could play alongside her. As her skills developed, she entered local competitions to, hopefully, play in the bigger national tournaments. To help fund her goal, Michelle signed up for Sidekick and began growing her small community of fans that enjoyed watching her play.

Through her live-streams, skilled gameplay, and the occasional lesson to another aspiring gamers, Michelle was able to accept payments and donations via Sidekick and fund her dream.

Today, Michelle continues to work her way up the ranks and has a community of almost 100k viewers that love to watch her win!

4. Gary – A Baseball Card Collector

Gary’s passion for baseball began when he started going to games with his father at the age of six. A lifelong baseball fan, Gary’s dad never let them miss a game, even if they had to watch it from their TV at home.

Unlike his father, however, Gary liked trading the cards of the players he watched; he did this mainly with his friends in school. Eventually, Gary saw the opportunity of trading with people outside his immediate friends by going online into forums where people were trading these cards around the world. Being the young entrepreneur that he was, Gary wanted to find new ways of accepting payments that would help his new card-trading business grow.

Even though his parents got him a Paypal account, he found eBay difficult to use with many restrictions like payment processing fees, currency exchange fees, international add-on fees, and complicated processes.

That’s when Gary found Sidekick. On Sidekick, Gary could hosts groups of baseball enthusiasts and even created a couple side groups with paid-entry for trading cards of higher value at discounted rates. To this day, Gary continues pursuing increasingly rare cards to trade and he now watches the games with his children.

Can I be a Sidekick Entrepreneur?

Sidekick is made to be both incredibly helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs while being easy to use. With its platform that allows for connecting with other users, seamlessly transfer payments from peer to peer, and post new products or services on their marketplace, it makes for the perfect environment to make your new or existing business thrive.

If you’d like to know more about the solutions Sidekick is bringing to the market, check out https://sidekickapp.io and talk with the team on our Telegram channel.

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