10 Goods You Can Sell on Sidekick

If you would like to start your own store on Sidekick, but are unsure of what you could provide for your future customers, here are 10 examples of things you can start selling today.

What Should I Sell Online?

Starting your own online store is a wonderful opportunity to make some additional income, as well as gain experience in the world of sales and marketing. However, most people feel overwhelmed by where to begin!

For this reason, Sidekick was developed to help users in their entrepreneurial pursuit. It integrates a messaging platform, a payment gateway, and a global marketplace into one application. This way, anyone starting a new business can find all the tools they need in one app.

It’s never easy to start something new, but as Confucius said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So, don’t let the fear of not knowing what to do prevent you from starting. To help you on your journey, we compiled a list of 10 things you can begin selling in your store today.

Old Stuff (Second-Hand)

Have any old books, clothes, furniture, art pieces, or anything else lying around? Why not try selling it? Most people keep things around the house that they never really use with the thought of, “well, I might need this one day.”

If you are looking to make a little extra income and reduce the clutter in your home, consider finding a few things you no longer need and putting them up for sale. You can find a ‘second-hand’ group, create your own, or list it on the marketplace.

New Stuff (Flipping Items)

Another great opportunity is to buy large numbers of underpriced items during in-store sales and then re-sell them online at a higher price, like Ethan Read does.

Flipping items works for older items as well, picking something that is underpriced at an antique store or a garage sale could prove to be very lucrative when sold to the correct audience.

Handmade Goods

Are you a fan of knitting? Or, is your hobby perchance making jewelry, or even carpentry? Well, it might be time to put your hobby to the test by putting some of your items up for sale. Wouldn’t it be great to bring in some extra income with your hobby?

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever considered being an affiliate marketer? The great thing about promoting brands you love is helping other people discover them while earning a percentage of every sale you facilitate.

If you are a fan of makeup, clothing, electronics, or anything else that is sold online, you can promote any shop in Sidekick. If you are sharp, your efforts may scale to earning commission on thousands of units per month.

Photos or Art

High quality photography and design work is in high demand. Whether you are an amateur photographer that learned with your parents’ film camera, or enjoy sketching still-life with a pencil and paper, it is likely that you can monetize your artistic skills.

Even if you are like most artists who are afraid to show off what they’ve created, there are probably many people who will appreciate it and just waiting to discover you.


Private label items like t-shirts and socks is a great way to make additional income. Though the major brands still hold their positions as the go-to manufacturers, there is no reason for which you cannot create a novel design that, at first, a few friends might enjoy.

After all, any designer that displays their work on the runway likely began by sketching out designs in their parents house. More and more people are looking to buy unique designs rather than wear what everybody else is wearing, you could be that unique designer they are looking for.


Sneakers, sneakers, and more sneakers; shoes are evergreen in the fashion industry. Why? Because everyone needs to protect their feet from the elements, and some just prefer to do so in style. If you are a fan of attractive footwear, then you are also likely a great person to spread that same enthusiasm to others. Pick up a few of your favorite pairs, list them online, and share your love for them.

Skills (Freelance Work)

Ultimately, anything you are currently doing for someone else, you can also do for yourself. Whether you are an accountant, great with numbers; a writer, great with words; or a designer, great with bringing concepts to life, you can begin to sell your skills online and build your own brand while doing so.

Entertainment (Live-Streaming)

As we go into 2020, we would feel absent minded if we neglected to include one of the newest and most booming methods of creating a side income, live-streaming. With the growth in viewers on platforms like Youtube, that allow people to create their own entertaining or educational videos, now people want to see things in real time.

In the same way as we appreciated turning the TV to a channel that said “LIVE” and experiencing something that was happening simultaneously thousands of miles away, this same concept has hit the mainstream. Particularly popular among people that enjoy playing multiplayer online games, live-streaming is a great option to play games and get paid to do so. Create a community of like-minded people on Sidekick, spread your love for games in a free or paid-entry group, and start making some additional cash.


Finally on our list, courses. As we mentioned earlier, anything that you do for a company or employer, you can ultimately do for yourself. However, rather than sell the skill directly, you can teach others how to improve their own skills. Creating courses is a fantastic way to help others develop their dreams while also making a side income from your hard work.

Be Your Own Boss

At the end of the day, there are countless ways in which a person can begin to create a second source of income. The methods mentioned above, for which you can start doing on Sidekick, are just a few of the possibilities. What we would recommend is to start doing something you find fun for yourself and just develop that daily. Discipline breeds skill and good skills are in high demand in this current global marketplace. Most of all, remember to enjoy the process!

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